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Offered are two 1940's era Ford Times magazines: December 1946 and July 1947. 

I’m sure some of you have seen the little magazine put out monthly by Ford Motor Co. that was part marketing and part stories,
art and Americana.

It started back in 1908 as an employee-only publication, but by the late 40s, it flourished into a general interest magazine with articles on travel and culture. It also went ‘pocket size’ in the 1940s (Henry Ford said it should fit into the pocket of a man’s suit).

What I love about it most are the warm illustrations showing idealized American cities and a charming life as a casual traveler.

The magazines were similar to Reader's Digest and Yankee. Ford Times  magazines were 4x6 inches in size. Each issue usually consisted of several stories about destinations for sports or vacations or of historic interest.

As a Ford consumer publication, its purpose was “to present a view of America through the windshield.” Its whole goal was to solidify Ford’s relationship with its dealers and to be a monthly reminder to customers and prospects about what that dealer had to offer…

A slice of America the Beautiful behind the wheel of a Ford.

“Great shape for their age!  See photos for further details.”  More pictures are available upon request.We ask that you ask questions before you make the purchase. Please request an invoice so we can send the invoice with the correct shipping.  Faster shipping is offered for an additional fee. Please inquire if desired.Refund/Replacement will only be offered if there was an error in our listing so please make sure this is the item you need before you make the purchase. Payment due within one week of purchase date. Item will be shipped once payment is received.If you see a photo is missing or you need additional information, please contact us. If you have a problem, please contact us and we will take necessary steps to rectify the situation. We answer all email or if you email and do not hear from us, please try again. Emails do not always get delivered.  All shipping will be done through the United States Postal Service, with Economy Ground shipping.  Thanks for Bidding!!!


  • I really like that magazine because you can always find something interesting and new n it. You can say that it has the craft related information and also has the stories that children would love to listen while going to bed. Above all the professionalism term paper service also promotes this magazine.

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